Trout & Char Fishing

Iceland is without a doubt one of the top trout fishing destinations in the world. We at Fish Partner offer a wide variety of premium trout and char fisheries. Brown trout and Arctic char fishing is our specialty and we are constantly adding the best fishing options in Iceland to our selection.
Fish Partner is the troutfitter for Iceland

The expansive and untamed Arnarvatnsheidi region, a vast highland moorland adorned with countless lakes, interconnected rivers, and streams
A Hidden Gem in the Highlands – The river Kaldakvísl is truly a hidden gem. Fished only by a select few, Kaldakvísl has now been made exclusively available only to the customers of Fish Partner. Words are unequal to the task of describing the landscape’s beauty. Diversity and contrasts are the river’s main characteristics.
Sight-fishing in gin clear water – Tungnaá is a formerly milky glacial river that became gin clear in 2013 as a consequence of a newly opened hydro-electric power plant. The new plant transformed this formerly rough, dark river into a fascinating crystal-clear stream, flowing into beautiful miniature canyons as well as more traditional pools filled with both Ice Age brown trout and big arctic char.
The Most Scenic Beat in Lake Thingvallavatn – The Kárastaðir beat (Beat 1) is in the north end of Lake Thingvallavatn where river Öxará, the brown trout’s main spawning stream, runs into the lake. The giant trout travels in groups and is often found circling around the beat where fishermen can run into great adventures.
One of the best brown trout beats in the world – Villingavatnsárós (means the mouth of river Villingavatnsá) is one of the greatest brown trout beats in the world. The beat offers the opportunity to catch the giant ice age brown trout on small nymphs and dry flies. Streamers can also be strong. The beat is only fished with two rods and all brown trout shall be released. It is fly-fishing only.
Brown trout paradise in Lake Thingvallavatn – This beat lies next to the famous Villingavatnsárós. Two points are on the beat which are usually the best spots. By the western point fishermen can wade into the lake to cast toward a drop-off which often holds fish.
A hidden gem – Despite being small, Lake Villingavatn is the home to some very large brown trout. From the lake a small stream runs into lake Thingvallavatn, connecting the two lakes and allowing the Thingvallavatn trout to enter the lake when the creek floads.
The Kaldárhöfði beat (beat 4) is in the southmost part of Lake Thingvallavatn where River Sog runs from the lake. The beat also stretches south into Lake Úlfljótsvatn. This beat is also known as excellent Arctic char fishing, especially in June through August. Six rods are permitted on the beat and this is the only Fish Partner beat that also allows spinning.
Tungufljót river in Skaftafell is one of the best known Sea trout rivers in Iceland and is most famous for the high average weight of fish caught, every year multiple Sea-Run Brown trout in the 20lbs range are caught with the average weight of the fish being between 5-10 pounds.
The crown jewel of Icelandic Sea trout rivers
Vatnamót has one of the highest catch rates of sea-run browns anywhere in the world. With an average of 1500 sea-trout logged each year.
Stunning river with big sea-run browns.
Ásgarð beat in river Skaftá is where the freshwater of Tungulækur meets the glacial water of Skaftá. With its sandy bottom, the beat is forever changing but a huge number of sea-run brown trout run through the area.
Laxá in Aðaldal or Big Laxa, is a world-class brown trout and salmon stream for fly fishermen only.
Norðlingafljót is a large river that runs from just north of Langjökull glacier west for 70km where it merges with the Hvítá Glacier river
The remote Northern Highlands area consists of 7 rivers, multiple small creeks, and endless lakes.
Arctic Char and Brown trout fishing close to Reykjavík
Char fishing in Hólá and Brúará rivers
Trout fishing in the heart of Icelands famed Golden Circle
Geldingatjörn is a unique trout fishing lake only 25minutes drive from Reykjavík city centre
Reservoir fishing in the Icelandic Highlands – Sporðöldulón is a 7 square kilometer (3 square miles)
Kvíslaveitur in the Highland desert
Þórisvatn is the largest lake in Iceland, measuring an average of 86 square kilometers. It is located between Kaldakvísl and Hraunvatn in the highlands, where it’s pristine green-blue water provides for a picturesque trout-fishing experience.




  • Easy – Very little hiking required, easy for every one.
  • Modrate – Some hiking required.
  • Hard – Strenuous hiking require, good physical conditions required.
  • Mixed – Some easy access areas and others that require hiking.