Sea Trout Fishing

Iceland is without a doubt one of the top trout fishing destinations in the world. We at Fish Partner offer some of the best sea-run brown trout fisheries in Iceland, and possible the world.

Tungufljót river in Skaftafell is one of the best known Sea trout rivers in Iceland and is most famous for the high average weight of fish caught, every year multiple Sea-Run Brown trout in the 20lbs range are caught with the average weight of the fish being between 5-10 pounds.
The crown jewel of Icelandic Sea trout rivers
Vatnamót has one of the highest catch rates of sea-run browns anywhere in the world. With an average of 1500 sea-trout logged each year.
Stunning river with big sea-run browns.
Grenlækur is home to one of Iceland’s greatest Sea Trout populations and is one of the best Sea Trout fishing areas in the world. Located on the South Coast of Iceland, the primary fishing here is for Sea-Run Brown trout, although resident Browns, Arctic Char and Atlantic Salmon can also be found lurking in its clear waters.
Jónskvísl is a tributary of the famous Grenilækur river and Sýrlækur is, in turn, a tributary of Jónskvísl. The 2 rivers are most known for their large(both in size of runs and size of fish) sea-run brown trout but it also holds sizable stocks of Arctic Char that can be up to 6 pounds in size, and resident browns.
Ásgarð beat in river Skaftá is where the freshwater of Tungulækur meets the glacial water of Skaftá. With its sandy bottom, the beat is forever changing but a huge number of sea-run brown trout run through the area.
Sea-Trout fishing close to Reykjavík



  • Easy – Very little hiking required, easy for every one.
  • Modrate – Some hiking required.
  • Hard – Strenuous hiking require, good physical conditions required.
  • Mixed – Some easy access areas and others that require hiking.