Kaldakvísl - The Highlands fisherman with an fish on in upper kaldakvísl canyons

Highland and Tungufljót Combo

Experience the stunning variety of fishing and nature Iceland has to offer

This package combines the rugged interior of fishing the south-central highland rivers of Kaldakvísl and Tungnaá with the lush Tungufljót river down on the south coast

General Information about the Package

The Highlands are truly the heart of Iceland. With its uncanny beauty and epic scenery, the Highlands offer you an experience unlike any other. Here you can truly become one with nature as the Highlands are untouched and inhabited by men. The vast wilderness – mountains, deserts, canyons, lakes, and rivers – demonstrates the powerful forces of fire and ice which have shaped the landscape on this volcanic island over centuries. Amidst all of this beauty, there is the trout and the arctic char – peacefully cruising the gin-clear streams of the Highlands as it has done from the Ice age. The experience cannot be put into words – it has to be lived.

Fishermen will fish both river Kaldakvísl and river Tungnaá. The river Kaldakvísl is truly a hidden gem. Fished only by a select few, Kaldakvísl has now been made exclusively available only to the customers of Fish Partner. Diversity and contrasts are the river’s main characteristics. On the 12 km (16 miles) beat, one can find beautiful waterfalls, great canyons, fast water, slow water, rocks, sand and so much more. The river is full of arctic char, their size averaging at 3-4 lbs, although char weighing up to 7 lbs can be found there, as can big brown trout.

River Tungnaá is gin-clear spring water flowing into beautiful micro canyons area along with traditional fast and slow running pools, filled with big Arctic char. This smallish, south Iceland Highland trout stream is probably one of the best-kept trout secrets in global angling. It is a technical river where stealth, among other attributes, is needed. The quarry is native brown trout and monster chars. They are on average 2-5 pounds, with the monsters ranging to 10 pounds.


Tungufljót river in Skaftafellsýslu is one of the best-known Sea trout rivers in Iceland and is most famous for the high average weight of fish caught, every year multiple Sea-Run Brown trout in the 20lbs range are caught with an average weight of the fish being between 5-10 pounds. Pound-for-pound sea-run browns is one of the hardest-fighting fish in the world. The fish stock in the river is all-natural and native to Iceland.

Located in a beautiful area surrounded by glaciers and volcanoes and situated close to some of the most spectacular natural sites in all of Iceland like Skaftafell national park, Europe’s largest glacier Vatnajökull and countless more.

Primetime for the Sea-Run Brown Trout is in April and May when they are making their way downriver towards the ocean for feeding and then again Mid August-October when they run upriver from the ocean in preparation for the fall spawning season.

Typical tackle is single-handed rods in the #6-8 range and sinking lines and sink tip can be very useful, smaller double-handed or switch rods can also be used. Most fish are caught on traditional Sea-Run Brown Trout streamers like Black Ghost, Nobblers, Dýrbítur, etc. Nymphs can also be effective in certain situations. Double handed/Spey rods can also be used.

In addition to the sea-run brown trout, the river is also inhabited by Atlantic Salmon, Arctic Char, and resident Brown Trout which provide fantastic fishing opportunities all season long.

Itinerary information

  • Day 1 – Early morning pick up at your Reykjavík hotel or Airport. Arrive in the highlands and fish one of the rivers the highland program(TungnaáKaldakvísl) and lunch by the bank. Back to lodge at 6 pm for dinner.
  • Day 2 – Breakfast at the lodge, fish 9 am-6 pm, lunch by the river. Back to the lodge for dinner. *Optional sightseeing after dinner or evening fishing*
  • Day 3 – After breakfast check out of the lodge. Your guide will take you on the stunning drive over the highlands down to the south coast river of Tungufljót. Fish the afternoon in Tungufljót. After fishing head to your accommodations at Hrífunes Guesthouse for dinner and rest
  • Day 4 – Breakfast at the guesthouse at 8, 9 am-6 pm, lunch by the river. Back to the lodge for dinner.
  • Day 5 – Breakfast at the guesthouse at 8, after breakfast you’ll check out and head out to fish. Fish 9-2 pm. After fishing your guide will transport you back to Reykjavík/Airport.

Here’s what’s included in the package


  • Domestic Transport
  • 5 days of fully guided fishing in Kaldakvísl, Tungnaá, and Tungufljót(1 guide per 2 anglers)
  • 2 nights at the Highland Fishing Lodge
  • 2 nights at Hrífunes Guesthouse
  • Full board
  • Fishing Licenses


  • Alcahol
  • Gratuities

Information about the accommodations

Guests will stay 2 nights at the Highland Fishing Lodge and 2 nights at the Hrífunes guesthouse. Both are conveniently located just minutes from the rivers to maximize your time on the water.

Time of Year

Available June-August

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Highland and Tungufljót Combo

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  • Easy – Very little hiking required, easy for every one.
  • Modrate – Some hiking required.
  • Hard – Strenuous hiking require, good physical conditions required.
  • Mixed – Some easy access areas and others that require hiking.