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Iceland has endless brown trout, char, and salmon rivers and lakes spread all over the island making it a popular destination for anglers from around the globe. In Iceland, all fishing rights are private which means anglers need to arrange for access and licenses wherever they fish. This can make DIY fishing trips a little trickier than your typical fully guided lodge stays but with a little research and preparation DIY trips can be a fantastic way to experience fishing and exploring Iceland. Fish Partner is here to help plan, prepare, and book your DIY trip.

Every year, we tailor self-guided fishing expeditions for numerous groups visiting Iceland for the ultimate fishing experience. While many opt for a guide during the initial one or two days of their trip, just to get them going.

If you’re considering a self-guided fishing adventure in Iceland, please share detailed information about your preferences: the duration of your trip, the number of anglers, preferred fishing style, accommodation preferences, and your budget. Completing our contact form here will help us understand your needs better.

Having a full-time guide can significantly enhance the experience of a fishing trip in Iceland. Even having a guide for the initial 1 or 2 days can transform the entire journey. However, when opting for a self-guided fishing trip, we strive to equip you with comprehensive information about the rivers and lakes. We provide detailed instructions on navigating between different areas, offer maps if available, and furnish valuable insights into the best fishing techniques for each river and lake.


Grand slam

Stay – Efri Brú self-catering fishing lodge or local hotel
Fish – River Sog and River Tungufljót in Biskupstungum for Salmon, River Hólaá for Arctic Char, Lake Villingavatn for Brown Trout, Lake Thingvallavatn for Brown trouts and Arctic char.
Season – June-September(April and May are also possible but no salmon in those months)
Ideal for – Those wanting a little taste of everything Iceland has to offer.

Big Laxá

Stay – Vörðuholt self-catering lodge(fully catered available upon request)
Fish – The famed Big Laxá for Brown Trout and Atlantic Salmon
Season – April-September(salmon June-September)
Ideal for – Those wanting to chase trophy browns and Atlantic Salmon while staying in a cozy riverside lodge

Arnarvatnsheiði and/or Norðlingafljót

Stay – One of the many cabins in the area or camping
Fish – Arnarvatnsheiði and/or Norðlingafljót for Brown Trout and Arctic Char
Season – June 15th – August 30th
Ideal for – Those wanting to hike, explore, and fish a vast remote area.

Lake Thingvallavatn browns

Stay – Efri Brú self-catering fishing lodge or local hotel
Fish – A combination of Fish Partner Lake Thingvallavatn private beats Kárastaðir, Villingavatnsárós, Villingavatnsárós beat b, Kaldárhöfði, and Villingavatn for the legendary Ice age brown trout
Season – April 1st – September 15th(Primetime April-June)
Ideal for – Those looking for trophy-sized browns from the famed lake Thingvallavatn

Northern Highlands

Stay – Hveravellir guesthouse or camping
Fish – One of the many rivers, streams, and creeks in the Northern Highlands for Brown Trout and Arctic Char
Season – June 20th – September 30th
Ideal for – Those wanting to hike, explore, and fish a vast remote area.

Sea trout

Stay – Vatnamót Cabin, Geirlandsá cabin
Fish – Vatnamót, Geirlandsá, Fossálar for wild and native giant sea run brown trout
Season – April-May, August-October
Ideal for – Anyone wanting to hook into some of the biggest native sea trout in the world


Stay – Tungufljót cabins
Fish – Tungufljót River for Sea-Run Brown Trout, resident Brown Trout, Arctic char for Atlantic Salmon
Season – April 1st – October 20th(Sea run browns Apr-May,Aug-Oct, Browns and Char April-Oct, Salmon July-Oct)
Ideal for – Those wanting to stay at a cozy river lodge with a whole river for yourself.

The above are just a few examples of the endless DIY trips possible, for more detailed itineraries, pricing, and availabilities or to get assistance on customizing the perfect trip for you please reach out to

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DIY Fishing

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  • Easy – Very little hiking required, easy for every one.
  • Modrate – Some hiking required.
  • Hard – Strenuous hiking require, good physical conditions required.
  • Mixed – Some easy access areas and others that require hiking.