Cast and Blast

What is Cast & Blast?

Embarking on cast and blast expeditions, or cast and blast adventures, entails engaging in both hunting and fishing during a single outdoor escapade. Typically, participants partake in a morning or afternoon devoted to hunting, followed by an afternoon or evening dedicated to fishing. The versatility of cast and blast trips allows for customization based on individual interests and skill levels, and they can unfold in diverse settings, ranging from secluded wilderness areas to exclusive hunting and fishing reserves.

The allure of cast and blast trips lies in their myriad advantages for both hunters and anglers. Foremost, they offer a distinctive opportunity to indulge in two beloved activities within the confines of a single journey. Moreover, these trips provide a platform to explore uncharted territories and put one’s skills to the test in varied environments. Acting as a unifying force, cast and blast adventures facilitate quality bonding time with friends or family who share a mutual love for the outdoors. Additionally, they serve as a refreshing escape from the daily rigors of life, providing a rejuvenating experience amidst nature’s bounty.

The Northern Cast & Blast 

In this package, we offer Atlantic salmon and trout fishing with extremely exciting wing shooting. 

The Fishing

Renowned for its historical significance in salmon fishing, the Arbot Beat stands as a testament to the pursuit of quality over quantity. Nestled on the eastern bank of Laxá in Aðaldal, this ancient fishing locale consistently yields an impressive number of 20-pounders annually, unrivaled by any other river. While Árbót is currently celebrated for its exceptional trout fishing, it remains an ideal destination for families or small groups of friends. Depending on the season, the fishing area permits two to four rods, offering a personalized and intimate angling experience.

The Hunt

Our cast and blast adventures unfold with an exhilarating morning of shooting, followed by an afternoon dedicated to fishing. The primary focus of the morning activities is on grey-leg geese, with occasional encounters with Pink Foot, especially as the season progresses. On average, each gun achieves a bag of around 5-10 birds. The Cast and Blast season extends from August 20th to September 20th, ensuring an opportune window for enthusiasts to engage in this thrilling combination of pursuits.

The Lodge

Nestled along the banks of Laxár, the Vörðuholt fishing house spans 100 square meters and offers a picturesque retreat. Accommodating up to six people in three double rooms, the lodge features a spacious living room adorned with a fireplace and a well-equipped kitchen. A sizable patio, complete with a hot tub, envelops the house and boasts outdoor furniture and a gas grill. Beds are made, and cleaning services are included. When making reservations for the hunting lodge, kindly specify the number of hunters for a tailored experience.

South Coast Sea-Trout and Barnacle geese.

The Adventure

Embark on an exhilarating journey that seamlessly combines Seatrout fishing in the Battle Hill fishing program with the thrill of barnacle geese shooting. This unique trip offers mornings dedicated to the pursuit of geese, followed by afternoons spent fishing for our renowned trophy seatrout.

The Fishing 

Guests at the Battle Hill fishery will explore a rotation of three rivers, all intricately connected to the powerful glacial river Skaftá, and renowned for hosting colossal sea-run brown trout.

Vatnamót River:

  • Named “River Junction” in Icelandic, Vatnamót serves as the meeting point for Fossaálar, Geirlandsá, and Hörgsá rivers with the mighty Skaftá. This convergence creates a unique and dynamic fishing environment.

Fossálar River:

  • Characterized by breathtaking beauty and diverse pools, parts of the Fossálar river are recognized on UNESCO’s natural heritage list, attesting to the stunning landscape of this area.

Geirlandsa River:

  • Often hailed as the primary spawning tributary of the Skaftá River, the Geirlandsa is renowned as the most picturesque seatrout river in Iceland. Set against a volcanic backdrop, this area provides the opportunity to fish in lava fields and black sands surrounded by glaciers. Anglers can employ both double-handed rods for swinging flies and nymphing techniques with single-handed rods in stunning pools.

The Hunt

The hunt commences in the early morning hours, as your experienced hunting guide picks you up approximately two hours before sunrise. Armed with decoys and goose callers, the focus is on Barnacle geese, with the possibility of encountering pink and gray legs, as well as ducks. Hunting activities typically extend until noon, providing an exciting start to your day in the field.

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  • Easy – Very little hiking required, easy for every one.
  • Modrate – Some hiking required.
  • Hard – Strenuous hiking require, good physical conditions required.
  • Mixed – Some easy access areas and others that require hiking.