Lake Tindavatn ( Highlands ) / Brown trout

Tindavatn lake is located in Iceland‘s highlands. It has been a hidden secret for years, as no fishing was allowed there until recently. In this lake, large brown trout is abundant, the average weight being about 2kg. Catching large fish is common and fish weighing up to 8kg have been caught there. In lake Tindavatn, only flyfishing is allowed and all fish must be released.

The main food source of the fish is three-spined stickeback and larvae. Fishing with streamers and nymphs is effective, but under certain conditions, fishing with dryfly is optimal.

The visitors of Tindavatn lake are sure to enjoy the fantastical scenery around it; the view of the entirely untouched nature with its black sand and mountains might make one think they are on the moon.

The lake is situated 220km from Reykjavik – about a 2.5-hour drive. The area has no housing, but accommodations are available at the mountain hotel in Hrauneyjar, about 25 minutes away from the lake.


The Highlands

The Highlands are truly the heart of Iceland. With its uncanny beauty and epic scenery the Highlands offer you an experience unlike any other. Here you can truly become one with nature as the Highlands are untouched and inhibited by men. The vast wilderness - mountains, deserts, canyons, lakes and rivers - demonstrates the powerful forces of fire and ice which have shaped the landscape on this volcanic island over centuries. The geological extremes are unlike any other. Next to dark sands one can find bright glowing green moss, red rocks or boiling water. Amidst all of this beauty there is the trout and the arctic char - peacefully cruising the gin clear streams of the Highlands like it has done from the Ice age. The experience cannot be put into words - it has to be lived. 

Good to know

Fishing season: Early June to mid of Sept

Prime time: All season

Average size: 4 pounds

Tackle: Single handed rods, line weight, 4-6 intermediate or floating line

Access : 4X4

Number of rods: 6-8

Distance from Reykjavík: 220 km

Lodging: Few options

Do not drive offroad!