BIG & beauty

Big Laxa (Arbot private beat)

Laxa in Adaldalur (The Big Laxa)

Laxa in Adaldalur is a world class brown trout and Salmon stream for fly fishermen only. Some people say it’s the best brown trout river in Europe. The river is located in Adaldalur in northern Iceland, 480 km from the capital city Reykjavik. Big Laxa is a very productive river that keeps a huge stock of brown trout at the average size of 3-4 pounds. However, 6-8 pounders are not uncommon and even bigger trout are caught every season, the biggest brown being 10-13 pounds. This river is ideal for dry fly fishing but upstream fishing with strike indicators and nymphs can also be effective. Early season, streamers are often on the menu but you never know what the trout is up to here, so having all kinds of flies in the box is recommended.

Arbot beat

Arbot beat is an extraordinary beat with huge character and is an excellent option for those looking for bigger brown trout and salmon. It is 3,7km. Single bank beat limited with only two rods.  Many beautiful great pools that holds both trout and Salmon. The season is from 1st of May to 20th of September. The peak time for the trout is usually from mid may or some years earlier, to the end of June. From early August you can be sure that there is Salmon in every pool. The river is well known for its huge salmoweighing up to and over thirty ponds. The beat is limited with three rods from May to 20th of June. And two rods only from 20th of June and till the end of the season.


The Comfortable Vorduholt Lodge.

Vorduholt is an exelent self-catering or full service lodge (up on request) set on a hillside overlooking the river, the spectacular snow capped (Kynnfjoll) mountains and the beautiful Adaldalur valley. There are three rooms with twin beds, kitchen, living room and dining room. Around the lodge is a veranda and a hot tub.

There are many activities and places of interest to visit for non-anglers, including: whale watching , Dettifoss Waterfall. Lake Myvatn. Horse riding and river rafting. This makes Arbot the perfect holiday for anglers brining their families to Iceland.

Good to know

Distance from Reykjavík: 442 km

Fishing season: May15th – September 20th

Average size: Brown trout 4 lbs.

Average size: Salmon 10 lbs.

Number of rods: 2-3

Tackle: Single-handed rods of weight # 3-8  

Best flies:  Streamers, nymphs and dry flies of assorted patterns

Access: 4x4 

Accommodation: Vörðuholt lodge