Fish Partner presents a self drive fishing tour in the highlands of Iceland.

From 17th of June til end of August, this package is available on a very reasonable price.

The trip is seven days, and six days of fishing. Here you will see the unexpected and

experience fishing between volcanos and even inside volcanos in the center highlands of

Iceland. The landscape is like nowhere else in the world. Black deserts with small snow

caped mountains, with toxic green moss on the hillside. Cristal clear lakes between milky

glacial rivers, glaciers and much more. You will even get the chance to take a bath in a

geothermal river which runs by a lava field. You are going to see the extraordinary

landscape of iceland.

The fishing

The lakes in the highlands are known for their high amounts of fish. There is both Brown

trout and Arctic Char in the lakes, but in some lakes you will only find brown trout or only

Arctic Char. The average size of the fish is around two pounds It is allowed to fish with

spinners, fly and bait in the lakes. In this trip you can fish in 14 different lakes. You can

keep few fish to cook and taste at the hotel. The lakes are from 10 – 40km away from

the hotel. We reccomend you take lunch with you to have by the lakes. Here below you

can see the descripion of the lakes.


This lake is man made and was created when the glacial river Thjorsa was dammed back

in 1980. Since then the brown trout from the former river is widespread in this big lake

which is 24 square kilometers. In the beginning of the season the color of the lake is

quite clear, and is fishable everywere, when it starts to warm up and the glaciers begin

to meld, and the color becomes milky. The best places to fish when it gets milky is where

the clear rivers run in to the lake. The fishing can be really good and it is normal to catch

up to 50 fish or more in one day. Spinners and streamer flies can be good, and fishing

with bait can also be really effective, especially when the lake gets colored. The best bait

there is makrel. The technique is to use lead sinkers on the bottom. The size of brown

trout there is from one to six pounds.

Fellsendavatn is a small lake in close to the hotel.  Average size of fish there is 2-6

pounders, brown trout only.  The lake is not fished by many anglers.  It is easily


Elevation is 540m above sea level.


Framvotn are a combination of 12 lakes which all have trout. Some of them have Arctic

char only and some only Brown trout, but others mixed with both kinds. Some of the

lakes are so packet with fish that you can catch up to 100 per day. The size of the fish is

mostly one to two pound but often you can catch four to five pounders in between. The

lakes are located in one of Icelands most beautifull place. From lake Frostastastadavatn

there is only a ten minute drive to Landmannalaugar. There you can find a natural hot

spring and a warm river where you can take a bath outside in icelandic nature.

The name of the lakes are:

1) Hrafnabjargavatn

2) Sauðleysuvatn

3) Herbjarnarfellsvatn

4) Löðmundarvatn

5) Lifrarfjallavatn

6) Dómadalsvatn

7) Eskihlíðarvatn

8) Hnausapollur

9) Blautaver

10) Ljótipollur

11) Frostastaðavatn

12) Kýlingjavötn



Self catering facility at Hotel Hrauneyjar in the highlands (sleeping bag accommodation).

Everything you need is there such as a shared kitchen with all the basic things you need,

and shared showers and bathrooms. You can also upgrade this package to a nice hotel

room. Check in is at 2pm and check out at 11am. There is a resturant there as well if you

don‘t want to do the cooking your self. There is a gas station at the hotel. The next

grocery store is about 45km away from the hotel. The hotel is about 200km away from

KEF airport.

The car

We offer a 4x4 Suzuky vitara and a Suzuky Jimmy for this trip.


After you have booked this trip you will recieve your final Itinerary with side maps and

exect directions how to get from one place to another in the highlands via email. Please

make sure you have it on paper before you leave home.

Day -1: Arrival in KEF airport. Someone will greed you when you arrive, and give you the

car and a GPS. There is about a 2,5 hour drive to your hotel. We reccomend that anglers

stop by at a grocery store when driving trough Reykjavik city.

Day 2 – 6: Fishing the great lakes of the highlands.

Day 7: Check out before 11am. Drive back to airport to return your car, and fly back



Fly rods: Weight 4-6. The best flies are assortments of streamers size 10-6 and bead

head nyphs. Sizes 10-14

Spinning rods: weight 5 -25gr. Spinners like Mepps, Reflex etc. weight 5-15gr. In some

of the lakes bait fishing is effective. The best way is to use makrel as a bait. We just let

the bait stay on the bottom when using weights. Eventually the trout will smell it and eat

the bait.

What to bring

 Sleeping bag

 Towel

 Head net

 Waders or rubber boots

 Waterproof clothing

 Warm clothing

 Wool socks

 Fishing gear


Expected weather

The average daytime temperature around the coast during May to September is 10-12°C (50-55°F). A

warm summer day would have temperatures around 20°C. Average daily sunshine in July and August

is 5-6 hours and during the summer months the nights are bright. On clear days you have 24 hours of

daylight and even the midnight sun near the Arctic Circle. However, the weather is extremely

changeable and unpredictable so you should always be prepared for the unexpected. You can follow

the forecast on www.weather.is

Average temperatures by month:

Month °C °F

April 4.0 39.2

May 7.2 44.9

June 13.1 55.6

July 15.2 59.4

August 13.3 55.9

September 13.0 55.4

October 6.1 43.0

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