Holsa West bank

Holsa West bank 

The Holsa river is a very producive salmon river. The river is formed where the West Ranga and East Ranga meet.  Huge amount of salmon and sea trout runs thru the river every year on there way to West Ranga, East Ranga Thvera and Hroarslaekur.  Holsa is a big cascade with almost one kilometer between  banks where its widest. The bottom is made of sand so some pools changes often. Most of the salmon runs along the west bank and stop for resting there before they run to the upper rivers. The season starts from 20th of June to 20th of Oktober. Many anglers experience big adventures there with strikes all day long!   

Holsa West bank is divided in to two beats  A and B

Beat A : Starts from Djuposnef to The summerhouse at Pool Borg. Its around 5 km.  Its allowed to fish with 4 rods. Season starts from 20th of June to 20th of Oktober. From 20th of June fly only, from 14th of September its allowed to fish with Fly, spinners and worm. Self catering lodge follows the beat. Wth 4 Bedrooms , each with 2 beds. Sleeping berth for 8 people. Kitchen with most equiment, Grill on the vernada, living room and bathroom with shower.

Beat B: Starts from the Summerhouse below Pool Borg to the juntcion where Holsa meets the atlantic ocean.its around 4km. Its allowed to fish with 2 rods on fly, spinners and bait for the whole season. There is no lodge with the beat but it can be arraged. Its possible to rent a cottage near by





Good to know

Distance from Reykjavík: 100km

Fishing season: 3/7 – 30/9

Extent: 18 km long river, single bank

Average catch: 1,000 salmon (average 7lbs)

Prime time:

10/7 – 30/8


Beat A- good.

Beat B upper part good.

lower part only on large 4x4 vehicle.

Number of rods: 

Beat A- 4 rods. Beat B- 2 rods

Fishing hours: 

20/6 - 20/8  from: 16:00 - 22:00 & 7:00 -13:00.

20/8 - 30/9  from: 15:00 - 21:00 & 7:00 -13:00


Double handed rods 13-15

Best flies:

Tubes: ½ - 1 inch Frances red or black, Black & Blue, Collie Dog, German Snaelda , Black Snaelda, Blue Snaelda 


Beat A: Cozy self catering lodge comes with each bead. It comes with a jacuzzy and a Bar-B-Q on the veranda. The kitchen has all the basic appliances as well as a stove, oven, microwave and a fridge.

Beat B: Can be arranged.