13. January 2016

Iceland: A trout fishing paradise



Iceland: A trout fishing paradise

Iceland is without a doubt one of the top destinations for trout fishing in the world. The island is especially famous for its huge brown trout opportunities, the main attraction for many trout fishermen travelling to Iceland. Every year a number of brown trout, some of which exceed 20 lbs, are caught by international anglers, an unforgettable experience that stays with them for the rest of their lives.

Arctic char and sea-run trout are also found in abundance in Icelandic lakes and rivers and they are strong game fish that provide to be worthy opponents to play as well. The number of lakes and rivers swarming with trout are countless and the pristine waters provide excellent setting for fishing in tranquil atmosphere. The unspoiled nature and magnificent landscape of Iceland go unsurpassed in the world and our clients can find them self fishing in volcanic craters, black sand dunes, lava, secluded heaths and desolated fjords etc.