01. June 2015

Highland river Tungnaá opens on a high



On the 25th of May some of our guides took a day trip in to the highlands to kick of the season on the Tungnaá beat. They where facing tough conditions, 2 degree temperature and howling wind. After having to fight there way through some heavy snow on the road they finally reached the river.

Water was a little bit high but still gin clear. This was a great sign and an indicator of things to come. Straight away they started tearing in to some nice char and trout 45-63 cm (18-25 inches) and in great condition given the cold spring in Iceland so far this year. As usual the biggest fish where lost and will for sure give some more fishermen a hard time coming summer. The fish where taking mostly small pheasant tail nymphs fished upstream as well as small black streamers. Every single pool the team tried on this day produced fish so we are very much looking forward to a great season on the Tungnaá. We where not able to fish the canyon due to snow but we are very much looking forward to trying that in the coming days. Total number for the day was 30 nice fish for the 4 anglers.

If you would be interested in joining us on the Tungnaá beat in Iceland this summer or have any questions please contact us,