Experience breathtaking surroundings !



This trip has it all! Starting with the great lakes of the South East Highlands, ever so popular with Icelanders, you will get the opportunity to fish in various lakes, such as Frostastadavatn and Volcano Lake. These lakes are mostly inhabited by arctic char and brown trout which are found in great numbers in these lakes. Whether or not you love to fish or prefer to go hiking and sightseeing, you will not be disappointed by the environment which is both diverse and breathtaking. The black sands, craters, lava, moss, crystal clear lakes and streams interspersed with muddy, reddish-brown glacial lakes are truly a sight to see. The trip will conclude with an unforgettable thermal swim in the hot spring stream in Landmannalaugar, and a local, organic grilled meal.



• Private guide for (1–4 sharing guide) • Fishing permits
• Fishing gear
• Fishing in a volcano

• Hiking
• Thermal swim in the hot spring stream called Landmannalaugar

• Light refreshments
• Transportation to and from (Reykjavík–Highlands)
• Transportation from and to fishing spots

Note: Traditional waterproof outdoor clothing is recommended 




8:00Screen Shot 2013 10 30 At 80550 PM


Departure from the hotel followed by a 2 hour drive to the South east Highland area.



Fishing at various lakes Frostastadavatn and Volcano Lake or Side seeing and hiking.



Thermal swim in the lukewarm hot spring stream called Landmannalaugar





20:00 / 21:00

Arrival at your hotel

Having arrived in Iceland, it is possible to rent a car and drive to the waters by yourself, but we strongly recommend travelling in cars with 4x4.

Fish Partner offers wide range of 4x4 cars that are very well equipped to be driven on the sometimes rough Icelandic roads.

For those who don't like to drive can arrange a private Helicopter.



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